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Real Talk With Kristi: Episode 38 – Pick Yourself Up and Keep Going

We’re taking a small trip back in time this week with some uplifting thoughts from Kristi. These recordings, from December and January, are a great reminder to not only be your authentic self unapologetically, but also to find your purpose and pursue it. You can watch these as videos on our YouTube page or listen […]

Episode 37: Limbaugh’s Legacy

Kristi’s back! We’re well into 2021 and after a few trips to decompress and handle pressing family matters—Kristi is ready to bring her unique brand of Real Talk back this year and she’s kicking it off with a touching tribute to her mentor, Rush Limbaugh and his legacy. You can listen below and be sure […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 36 – Viva Las Vegas

Back from celebrating Dr. Eric Fulnecky’s birthday in Vegas, this week Kristi has a few things to say. She’s talking about bullying folks for not wearing masks, government intervention, and what the Missouri AG is doing to try to support President Trump. Plus, with 2021 on the horizon, it’s a time to reflect on some […]

Real Talk with Kristi – Episode 35 – Cowboys & Indians

In this post-Thanksgiving episode, thankfulness and gratitude are on Kristi’s mind. In addition to discussing her Indian roots and why she doesn’t think it’s wrong to use the term ‘Indian’, she talks about the importance of gratitude and a new family tradition she hopes will help encourage everyone to remember to count their blessings.

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 34 – A Message of Hope

This week, we get personal. Kristi brings a heartwarming message of hope and a reminder of the importance of living your best life and being your authentic self. Listen below and please rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite listening app.

Episode 33 – Happy Birthday & Halloween & Election? To Us!

It’s a momentous week—IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!—(what? was there an election or something?) Listen as Producer Lindsey rejoins Kristi to discuss Halloween, the presidential election (spoiler alert: Kristi thinks her producer is a nutty liberal!), and some serious ethics violations on the Springfield City Council. Listen below or subscribe on your favorite podcast app!

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 32 – The Importance of Making a Life

Kristi talks Biden corruption and analyzes the last presidential debate.  Plus, get a glimpse of Kristi’s softer side as she becomes sentimental and reminds us to never get so busy making a living you forget to make a life. Listen below and don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app to be automatically updated […]

Real Talk With Kristi Episode 31: Pence v. Harris: VP Debate Post Mortem

Did you watch the Vice Presidential debate? Kristi breaks down her take on VP Pence and Sen. Harris’ performance. Plus get an update on where the mask mandate lawsuits stand. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to stay up to date on all the latest! Listen below!

Real Talk With Kristi Episode 29: Lawsuit Updates, College Visits, and Joe Exotic

We’re back after a two week break – because, hey, life gets crazy – and this week Kristi’s here with an update on her lawsuits in Springfield and Branson. Plus, we’re talking about government overreach, college tours, OSU, Joe Exotic, and stick around to the end for Kristi’s (unsurprising) Election 2020 prediction! Listen below!

Episode 28: Lawsuit Roundup: Wins, Recusals, & Onward to Litigation

Branson denies a mask mandate TRO, Springfield judges drag their feet recusing themselves, and SPS finally caved and is allowing special education students to attend classes four days a week. This week we cover all of this, plus a little commentary on the Democratic Convention taking place this week. Listen below!