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Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 25: Happy Hour Episode – Give Me Liberty or Give Me a .00003% Chance of Death

It’s a Happy Hour Free For All and we’re talking Covid-19 and why it’s time to open the country back up already! Plus, Kristi’s take on the Memorial Day festivities at Lake of the Ozarks. And Dr. Eric Fulnecky joins in to update everyone on the latest Covid numbers as well as remind us all […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 24 – Dementia Joe

This week we’re talking Joe Biden memes, Howard Stern and more! You can listen below OR watch the video! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on all episodes!

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 23 – Let’s Have Some Sanity With Don Carriker

This week, Kristi talks with USA Mortgage Senior Lender, Don Carriker. Tune in as they discuss the state of mortgage lending, the stock market, and why it’s time to get a little more sane and re-open our cities. Added Bonus this week: Producer, Lindsey’s dogs barking in the background. She apologizes profusely, they have terrible […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 22 – How’s Your Quarantine Going?

It’s week four of the Stay At Home order here in Southwest Missouri. So this week we’re just checking in. How’s everything going for you? Tune in and listen as we discuss home haircare in the time of quarantine, the new normal of working from home, reopening the state, and more. Listen below!

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 21 – State Senator Eric Burlison

This week we’re talking to Missouri State Senator Eric Burlison. Burlison represents Christian and Greene Counties (District 30) in the Missouri General Assembly. He is known for his strong advocacy for the Second Amendment and smaller government in general. This week he talks with Kristi about his background, how he got into government, and why […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 20 – Silver Linings

This week we check back in with Dr. Eric Fulnecky as we continue to self-quarantine in our homes. Dr. Fulnecky talks about the current state of the medical response to the Coronavirus. Plus, Kristi talks about what quarantine can teach us about looking for the silver linings. Listen below! And don’t forget to subscribe to […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 19 – Fulnecky Family Quarantine

This week we’re doing things a little differently and we hope you’ll bear with us as we figure out the technical issues that present themselves as we all shelter in place. That said, we check in with Dr. Eric Fulnecky for an update on the Coronavirus. Plus get a glimpse of how the Fulnecky Family […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 18 – Flattening the Curve

This week Kristi sits down with her husband, Dr. Eric Fulnecky and talks in-depth about the medical implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fulnecky talks social distance, healthcare capacity, and potential quarantine in a house of six kids, four dogs, and Kristi. Plus, he provides a not-so-subtle reminder to wash your hands, wash your hands, […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 17 – Coronavirus, Cha Cha Cha

This week Kristi’s contemplating our future in self-quarantine and talking Coronavirus. Listen to her advice, wash your hands, and stop hoarding toilet paper, please.