Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 18 – Flattening the Curve

This week Kristi sits down with her husband, Dr. Eric Fulnecky and talks in-depth about the medical implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fulnecky talks social distance, healthcare capacity, and potential quarantine in a house of six kids, four dogs, and Kristi. Plus, he provides a not-so-subtle reminder to wash your hands, wash your hands, […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 17 – Coronavirus, Cha Cha Cha

This week Kristi’s contemplating our future in self-quarantine and talking Coronavirus. Listen to her advice, wash your hands, and stop hoarding toilet paper, please. 

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 16 – Dave Matthews, Joaquin Phoenix, and James Corden, Oh My!

This week, Kristi digs into pop culture and asks why do celebrities need to weigh in on politics. She also discusses Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Kanye West’s transformation. And, as always, for good measure, gets a little feisty with token liberal, producer Lindsey who may or may not have just insulted a large […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 15 – Aaron & Amanda Pearson

Five years ago, Springfield, Missouri police officer Aaron Pearson was shot in the line of duty. In the early hours of January 26, 2015 Aaron’s wife Amanda was woken by a Springfield police sergeant and rushed to the hospital just in time to tell her husband she loved him before doctors rushed him into surgery. […]

Real Talk With Kristi – Episode 14 – Donald Trump Wins the Democratic Debate

Nick Reed returns! Join Kristi and Nick as they discuss the Democratic debate, who wins in a fight: Mayor Pete or Bernie Sanders, and do a little ganging up on token Democrat, producer Lindsey. Plus find out why Nick says Bernie would be his top pick for the Dems. Listen now!

Real Talk – Episode 13 – Chiefs Win, Trump Wins, #Winning

It’s lucky number 13! There’s so much happening, but this week Kristi tackles the Chiefs’ big win, President Trump’s big win, and we dig into what on Earth the Democrats are thinking! Listen to Episode 13 now.

Episode 12 – You Can’t Say Superbowl

This week celebrate Kristi’s birthday! She also gets down to business and talks Kansas City Chiefs Football, Democratic Primaries, and Punxatawney Phil. Plus, the Impeachment is boring and Michael Bloomberg releases a puzzling campaign video. Tune in and get real with Kristi. And don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast wherever you […]

Real Talk With Kristi Episode 11 – We Judge Each Other

This week Kristi welcomes Pastor John Stroup to the podcast. Pastor Stroup founded and leads the ministry effort of Freeway Ministries Worldwide, which is a drug and alcohol recovery ministry. Stroup tells his story to Kristi—from living on the streets, addicted to drugs, to prison, and how he found Jesus in a jailhouse Bible. Listen […]

Episode 10: Pelosi Wore Peach

We’re back! We hope you had a great New Year and are kicking off 2020 with a bang. As for Kristi, she’s kicking off 2020 with some insight and opinions about the ongoing impeachment of President Trump. This week she covers everything from Nancy Pelosi’s peach suit, kangaroo courts, and what were the Founders actually […]

Episode 9: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Kristi talks Christmas traditions with Nick Reed from KSGF 104.1. We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!